Project Top 10 Titans of the Generation 8 DOU Meta

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I can be persuaded to change this list later, but my mind goes here for the top 10 titans:

#1:rillaboom: Rillaboom

I believe Rillaboom takes the #1 spot this gen for the same reason Tapu Fini did in SM DOU; terrain wars are again a dominant aspect of SS DOU and this time it's Rillaboom who has been the dominant setter. Read the nom post (link above) for the full list of reasons why Rillaboom is good, but basically it role compresses terrain setting with excellent fake out/pivot utility, non-negligible offenses, and omnipresent strong priority attacks. Rillaboom's longevity as a top tier pick spans 2/3 of Generation 8 and continues to be one of three Tier 1 threats in the modern metagame, so it holds the #1 spot without too much recency bias I feel.

Grassy Terrain being the "default" terrain in the metagame has a few big implications that make SS DOU play much differently than its predecessors. For example:
  • Status moves like Will-o-wisp and Toxic are once again more viable without Misty Terrain being so common
  • Setup wincons ranging from DD Kyurem-B to Iron Defense Metagross and "Demon Mew" can forgo or double-down on Leftovers thanks to reliable passive recovery from Grassy Terrain
  • Strong priority attacks in Rillaboom's Grassy Glide are an omnipresent threat comparable to what Gale Wings Talonflame was capable of in XY DOU
I'm likely missing things, but Grassy Terrain being so good this generation is a huge piece of SS DOU's dna that you won't find in previous generations.

#2:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F

If I could list all the Psychic Terrain mons here I would, but Indeedee-F is arguably the longest-serving, most utilitarian and most consistently influential cornerstone to Psyspam teams. And given again how important terrain is to SS DOU, I (somewhat controversially?) believe Indeedee-F is the #2 most important influencer to Gen 8.

Basically, Indeedee-F is the yang to Rillaboom's ying; if you want a team that shuts down all the Fake Out spam and strong priority attacking that RIllaboom enables, you run Psychic Terrain instead. But above and beyond just setting Psychic Terrain, Indeedee-F also introduced some interesting utility value that hasn't been seen in the terrain wars of SM DOU:
  • Compressing priority blockage in Psychic Terrain with redirection utility in Follow Me was a huge boon to "fullroom" Trick builds
  • Indeedee's Normal typing allows it to redirect and nullify Ghost-type attacks away from its partner Expanding Force attacker
  • Even outside of Psyspam strats, Indeedee-F also just provides excellent support utility to setup wincons as well as just strengthening Urshifu's board positioning to be able to pin and KO a target
  • And once again, the domanance of Grassy/Psychic terrain over Misty and Electric Terrain reinforces the viability of status moves like Will-o-wisp that weren't viable in Gen 7.

#3 :melmetal: Melmetal

I reluctantly put Melmetal this high on the list because I don't understand how this stat stick didn't get QB'd from day 1. Alas, it was a centralizing staple on many teams for a few months during the IOA metagame and for the short-ish period of time it was around, it had a massive impact that can't be denied.

#4:mew: Mew

Mew's toolkit expanded even more in SS DOU and Mew has always found useful niches to fill in every metagame it has been part of. During IOA it was the cornerstone to hazard stacking (toxic spikes + stealth rock and sometimes regular spikes). In modern SS DOU it can do everything from healing allies to snarling and wisping foes to cripple them, to being an all out Psyspam Meteor Beam attacker if it wants. And all the more "classic" mew roles like setting Tailwind and being a convenient source of Ice Beam still apply. It's one of the most unpredictable threats at team preview and has a number of unique roles that are part of SS DOU's dna.

#5:urshifu: Urshifu-S

If I could put both Urshifus in one slot I would, but Urshifu-S walked in IOA so Urshifu-R could run in Crown Tundra, basically. Bypassing Protect isn't an entirely new niche for those who remember Hoopa-Unbound in previous gens, but Urshifu does so with much better speed, offenses and typing - not to mention the ability to bypass Intimidate with critical hits. Urshifu-S's Dark/Fighting typing provided it nearly unresisted coverage (bar Fairy-types) and basically this Pokemon warped the metagame into hyper-offense vs hyper-offense. It was ultimately banned, but the metagame-shaping mechanic of ignoring Protect to pin targets lived on in Titan #6...

#6:urshifu: Urshifu-R

...same shtick as above, slightly "worse" (not broken) typing which is still very good on the right team. During the Kartana era, "crackhead offense" FWG cores of Urshifu, Kartana and Heatran popped off immensely, and modern Psyspam builds that aren't woke enough to use Pheramosa benefit immensely from Urshifu-R's offensive potential. Protect continues to have a direct counter thanks to Urshifu-R, and that is a fairly significant influence on the SS DOU metagame. Likewise, Intimidate is slightly less reliable as a result of this mon.

#7:gothitelle: Gothitelle

Trapping has always been powerful, or broken, depending on who you ask. But Gothitelle gained further utility in Fake Out in SS DOU, as well as powerful new allies like Urshifu-S which really contributed to a period of IOA where hyper-offensive "pin and click funny button" strats dominated. Goth isn't higher on my list because it really only influenced IOA and was QB'd in Crown Tundra.

#8:kartana: Kartana

Fast Tailwind, possibly the strongest physical attacker to exist thanks to Grassy Terrain, and much like Urshifu it could bypass Intimidate with a crit STAB (albeit only with 50% reliability in Kart's case). Kartana was an influential cornerstone during Crown Tundra's "crackhead offense" era, but was "replaced" by Landorus-I after Kartana's ban.

#9:incineroar: Incineroar

Incineroar was the #2 titan of SM DOU and is even slightly better in SS DOU thanks to nice access to Parting Shot. Its main role as the tier's preferred Intimidate user is uncontested, but Rillaboom's presense encroached on a lot of the Fake Out/U-turn utility that used to be proprietary to Incineroar, so Incineroar is much less impactful this generation. It still yeeted Arcanine off of the VR though so that's pretty neat.

#10:kyurem-black: Kyurem-B

The largest stat stick you can legally use in DOU now gets to make much better use of it's sky-high Attack Stat thanks to newly-gained access to Icicle Sprear and Dragon Dance. This makes what was already a very splashable mon with multiple viable sets even harder to predict at team preview. At times there were discussions that maybe Kyurem-B was too strong and banworthy, although it ultimately remains in the tier. Kyurem-B is the epitome of a modern SS DOU offensive setup wincon, and it can also bluff or assume many other viable roles ranging from defensive AV to Life Orb attacker or even Choice Scarf. Kyurem-B takes the last but not least #10 spot on my list of Titans because, although influential and one of SS DOU's three Tier 1 threats, it was around for a shorter amount of time than higher-ranked titans and hasn't warped the overall metagame as profoundly.

  • Weezing-Galarian (not nommed) - this one's for you Paraplegic. I don't think it's a top 10 titan but your post in the OP explains very well why it had an influence for a time.
  • Necrozma - arguably the true face of Psyspam and a worth nom, but I believe the viability of a good terrain setter like Indeedee has a bigger impact on the overall metagame. If Necrozma dissapears other Expanding Force users could take its place, but Indeedee-F introduces new role compression that is unique to SS DOU.
  • Tapu Lele (not nommed) - the offensive counterpart to Indeedee-F. The viability gap between Lele and Indeedee-F is fairly small and depends on team needs, but Indeedee-F was influential for longer and brought more new tools role compression to the metagame so Lele didn't make the cut.
  • Lando-I - a very menacing breaker in the current metagame. Its worthy of its nom, but for me its sort of just hyper-offense's sloppy seconds after Kartana was banned, so I'm not sure it warps the meta too much other than altering the overall viability of Pokemon based on what's good/bad into Lando-I's STAB and coverage.
  • Charizard - deserving of its nom based on strong impact in Dynamax meta and IOA. Unfortunately my list tended to give a slight bias to Pokemon that crossed multiple eras of SS DOU but stayed relevant in Crown Tundra, and to my sadness Charizard is not the viable monofire staple I loved in SM DOU.
  • Dragapult - also deserving of its nom for its strong influence in Dynamax era, and is still plenty viable if a bit of a "middle-of-the-pack" threat in modern SS DOU.
  • Tapu Fini - still plenty viable, but Rillaboom's omipresense stops Tapu Fini from enforcing Misty Terrain as the dominant terrain field of choice this gen.
  • Diancie- shoutouts to the brief period of time where Diamond Storm was borked and so was Diancie. Nowadays its just one of many wonderful and viable TR setters -nothing super unique or meta defining.
  • Zeraora- overshadowed by Rillaboom and Incineroar. obviously has uniquely good traits but not enough to be a titan imo
  • Togekiss + Blastoise (not nommed) + Amoonguss- all good redirectors in their own right, got new tools/niches in Gen 8 and arguably redirectors have gotten better and more diverse since Gen 7. For me Indeedee-F overshadowed the other redirectors bc also a prominent terrain wars component of the metagame.
  • Arcanine (not nommed)- was the premiere Intimidate mon before we got better ones, and was also usable as a Justified recipient during Dynamax meta.
  • Whimsicott (not nommed)- new Tailwind mechanics in Gen 8 made ladder's favourite mascot better and somewhat menacing on the right competitive team.
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My thoughts on the noms and my top 10 at the moment.

1. :rillaboom:Rillaboom: DOU relevant: June 2nd 2020 (grassy surge released) -Present
Really not much that needs to be said here it has been the face of the gen for a long time constantly being the most used mon.

2. :melmetal: Melmetal: DOU relevant: February 12th 2020 (pokemon home released) - June 7th 2020 (Melm banned)
The argument against this mon being so high is simple, it was only in the tier for a very short amount of time. Despite that I still rank it #2 since it is essentially THE titan of this generation. There isn't a single mon that I think came close to influencing the tier and meta as much as Melm did in its short amount of time. There was essentially no reason not to use Melm at all and the entire meta was shaped around it, Melm almost definitely should've been quickbanned but it wasn't so it sits #2. I also disagree with the people who say it wasn't really great in the dynamax meta, while it certainly wasn't THE titan it was when dynamax got banned it was 3rd in usage in spl xi (from week 7 onwards when home got release) and had multiple people calling for a potential Melm suspect even with dynamax (just read the np 0 thread for proof.)

3. :incineroar: Incineroar: DOU relevant: February 12th 2020 - Present
I'm surprised to see Incin so low on peoples list and I really don't know why, this is a pretty easy number 3 for me. Incineroar has constantly seen top usage since it got released with home having the highest usage in snake and dwcop 1. The 2nd highest usage in dpl 6, dpl 8, and scl. The third highest in dwcop 2, and in SCL XI once home got released (week 7) it was tied for first in usage along with Dragapult. Incineroar has constantly been a huge staple and very good mon in ss in all metas except the osdt kartana meta where it was still top 10 in osdt top 16+ usage. I think some people don't see it to be as good right now in this current meta either which is fair I don't either but even in this meta it's currently seeing top 5 usage in osdt 2 and sits tier 1 in the vr whether you agree with it or not.

4. :dragapult: Dragapult: DOU relevant: The beginning - present
Did people forget about how this mon performed with dynamax? It was the clear best Dynamax mon and probably part of the reason that helped people decide dynamax was broken due to how stupid and good it was. Even the small amount of time it wasn't the best dynamax abuser (terrakion) it was what people used to support the best dynamax abuser with beat up, twave and ally switch. Dragapult had #1 usage in spl and while the dynamax ban definitely hurt it a bit it was still top 5 in usage in the following dpl as well. Just that would make it titan worthy in my opinion and the fact that it's still relevant to this day just cements it as a top 5 titan.

5. :urshifu-rapid-strike: Urshifu-R: DOU relevant: August 13th 2020 (you can argue earlier because it did see some usage but it really wasn't used much until after darkshifu ban) - Present
I definitely get why people would put darkshifu in front of watershifu and maybe I'll change my mind here but when I think SS doubles ou the two mons I think of most are Rilla and Urshifu-R and I think that lets it have top 5. While not as good as its counterpart it has been around a lot longer and is still super good itself (had a suspect where over 50% of people voted ban). I think it has definitely had a huge effect on the metagame it promotes offense but not to an unhealthy level and I think it's part of the reason why we're seeing less and less protect on mons, It has made intimidate a lot worse and is just a top tier mon that constantly has seen top usage since its counterpart got the boot.

6. :urshifu: Urshifu-S: DOU relevant: June 17th 2020 (IoA release date) - August 13th 2020 (Urshifu Single-Strike banned)
It's hard for me to justify this mon top 5 and it's also hard for me to justify it too far apart from Urshifu rapid strike so 6th it is. Urshifu-S wasn't even around for a whole two months before getting banned there's not a single major tour it was in (just look at all usage stats it's nowhere to be found.) and yet ask anyone who has been around for all of ss and they'll tell you this mon was a force to be reckon with and definitely remember this mon. Urshifu-S was very clearly a titan it was an incredibly strong attacker that could even 2hko a lot of resists and it's amazing coverage forced people into using a lot of suboptimal mons in order to have a chance at checking it defensively and basically forced the entire meta into HO. It was around for less time than Melm and wasn't as insane as Melm but it was still a titan that drastically changed the meta with it for the short time it was allowed.

7. :kyurem-black: Kyurem-black: DOU relevant: October 22nd 2020 (crown tundra released Kyube unbanned) - Present
This ones tough for me I don't know if I will personally vote it for 7th or even top 10 as I think this mon has always been quite overrated but if I'm being non bias here I think it probably deserves a spot. Since Kyurem-Black has been allowed it has been top 5 in usage for every major tour except DPL 8 where it missed out by one use. During this time it's also constantly been considered top in viability and has even has had some discussions for a possible suspect due to it's versatile sets with its insane stats. It's a solid mon that has stayed at the top since its release but I don't think has ever been the top which puts it lower and I could definitely be swayed for lower than 7th even.

8. :kartana: Kartana: DOU relevant October 22nd 2020 - August 23rd 2021 (kart banned)
When Kart first released in crown tundra it actually wasn't anything too crazy, nobody considered it broken and it didn't even hit top 10 usage in dwcop 1. However it slowly became more and more prominent and once people started using scope lens more and figured out the type of HO teams that Kart worked best on it was deemed too much and banned from DOU. Kartana was kind of like a mini Urshifu-S where it forced usage of HO to an unhealthy degree (though not as badly as darkshifu) and had a 50% chance to crit through most of its checks. While it is probably the least broken mon out of the banned mons I definitely think it deserved its ban and that it's a top 10 titan for DOU.

9. :gothitelle: Gothitelle: DOU relevant: The beginning - October 31st 2020 (Goth banned)
Shadow tag is just a broken ability that can make broken mons more broken and just do really stupid things with fast trapping, and Goth had shadow tag. Not only did goth have stag but unlike previous gens it also got fake out making it even more stupid. While some people have always complained about the titan that is goth once crown tundra got released it was finally decided to be too much and was quickbanned.

10. :Landorus: Landorus-I: DOU relevant: September 5th 2021 (SCL week 1 when it first started seeing real usage) - Present
As someone who has spammed this mon to great success and know there's others who have done the same this mon deserves a top 10 spot in my opinion. Lando-I essentially wasn't a mon until Kartana got banned but once it did Lando really popped off becoming top 5 in usage in every major tour since. Its speed tier was now great and with its sheer force earth power and coverage moves (Sludge bomb, focus blast, psychic) it was able to put insane amount of pressure on most mons and was an incredible breaker. It definitely shifted the meta quite a bit you would see more Steela and then later Cress usage partly due to being able to take hits from Lando and damage it back well, you also saw mons like Volcanion switch to shuca berry to let it trade against Lando.

11. :mew: Mew: DOU relevant: April 6th 2020 (dynamax ban) - Present
I would probably have mew 11th sure it has been able to find niches in almost every metagame (It was almost non existent and not very good in the dynamax metas however.) but it had its ups and downs depending on the meta and has never been in a top mon. I think mew is the mon with the most recency bias on its side as I think the current meta is the best it's been but I still don't think it's enough to put it top 10.

:charizard: Charizard: DOU relevant: The beginning - September 13th 2020 (week 3 of snake draft 4, kind of arbitrary but Charizard usage essentially stopped here)
Charizard is another mon I could potentially see in the top 10 it was a very powerful dynamax abuser and had it's time in the spotlight during the "cringe sun" days. The big reason I don't have charizard in my top 10 is because when charizard was at its peak it had a supporting supporting cast of Gothitelle and Urshifu-S with it and it kind of just disappeared off the face of the earth after week 3 of snake 4. There was no major tour where it had super high usage and it always needed quite a bit of support, moreso than the other mons listed.

:indeedee-f: Indeedee-Female:
The last mon I want to take about since I've seen it high on lists is Indeedee-F. I don't think Indeedee belongs on the top 10 at all. While it has been a good addition to psyspam it has not once even hit top twenty usage in a big tour. Twenty!!! Even in osdt 2 it's not looking like it'll crack top 20. While it is a nice thing for psyspam to have I don't think it's a definitely better option for psyspam than lele at all, follow me is nice support but that's most of what it can do. Where it's probably seen most and at its best is ladder but I don't think being good on ladder is titan worthy at all and other than that I don't see what Indeedee has done to deserve a spot over bigger, better and in my opinion more influential mons.


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1. :rillaboom: Rillaboom :rillaboom:

Easily the face of the tier this generation and consistently at the top of the usage stats - #2 SSD IV, #2 DWCoP I, #1 2020 Invitationals, #1 DPL VII, #1 OSDT I, #1 SCL I, #1 DWCoP II, #5 2021 Invitationals, #1 DPL 8.

2. :melmetal: Melmetal :melmetal:

Most centralizing Pokemon of the generation - best represents the term "titan" to me. Below Rillaboom due to only having five months in the tier.

3. :incineroar: Incineroar :incineroar:

Similar to Rillaboom but to a lesser degree, never the face of SS Doubles OU but constantly topping the usage stats besides a significant dip during DPL VII / OSDT I - #2 DPL VI, #1 SSD IV, #1 DWCoP II, #4 2020 Invitationals, #17 DPL VII, #9 OSDT I, #2 SCL I, #3 DWCoP II, #2 2021 Invitationals, #2 DPL 8.

4. :dragapult: Dragapult: :dragapult:

Similar to Melmetal but to a lesser degree - best Dynamax Pokemon and #5 in usage during the following DPL and as a bonus still relevant throughout the rest of the generation.

5. :urshifu: Urshifu-Rapid-Strike :urshifu:

#2 reason why Hyper Offense took over and dominated during DPL 7 / OSDT I, had a suspect test with >50% ban, and is still very strong right now.

6. :kartana: Kartana :kartana:

Similar to Urshifu-R, the #1 reason why Hyper Offense took over and dominated during DPL 7 / OSDT I, did end up getting banned and saw the metagame go back to being playable. Lower than Urshifu-R because of longevity but higher than Urshifu-S due to significance of impact.

7. :landorus: Landorus :landorus:

Landorus broke the entire metagame during the most competitive SS Doubles OU tour and is still very strong right now. Lower on the rankings due to only being relevant since SCL.

8. :urshifu: Urshifu-Single-Strike :urshifu:

Titan during DLC1 that shifted the metagame and resulted in a swift ban, but dominated only for two months and in a less significant time frame.

9. :gothitelle: Gothitelle :gothitelle:

Similar to Urshifu-S, Titan material before it was quickbanned but was never the titan and was removed from the tier before DLC 2.

10. :necrozma: Necrozma :necrozma:

The Psychic Spam Archetype, with Necrozma leading the way, rose to prominence and impacted the metagame greatly multiple times during DLC 2 which is titan material to me, but never as much as anthying above it. Also was very strong during SSD 4 / end of DLC 1 and with Dyanamax legal as a bonus.


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There's definitely room for some last minute swapping around with the order but I'm pretty confident this is my personal list for the top 10 titans. I've stayed up way too late (8am) doing this so disagreeing with me is illegal and I might edit this later fixing any mistakes or adding a bit more and why am I like this. Mish.

1. :rillaboom: Rillaboom

Easily first, see nom. High level and duration of influence.

2. :melmetal: Melmetal

Easily the biggest impact of any Pokemon at its peak, despite not being around too long. Other non-Rillaboom Pokemon may have been around longer, but were much less impactful than Melmetal, so this is an easy second for me.

3. :kartana: Kartana

I think people are really forgetting how influential this thing was. Dynamic turn order was one of the big changes this gen and Tailwind the most typical way to benefit from it, with Kartana being the most notable user. So notable, in fact, that the game largely revolved around it as a result, and had a substantial effect on teambuilding. It could blast away most slower Pokemon, and Mew as a Tailwind option suffered massively as a result (e.g. see DPL 7, Spring Seasonals and DLT 2021 usage). So people started to turn to setters which were faster than Kartana, and/or could take a hit from it, such as Zapdos (with Heat Wave specifically for it and to a lesser extent Genesect, which we'll get to a moment), support Volcarona, Togekiss, Naganadel (which in hindsight was underrated anyways, but usage only picked up because of Kartana), down to more niche options like Ribombee and Latias. Rillaboom ran Superpower to be able to hit it, Pokemon like Kommo-O, Zapdos-Galar, and Shift Gear Genesect (though Choice Scarf was also good into Kartana) grew as a response, Dragapult had a high moment too due to matching well into Kartana. Semiroom had a very rough time in Kartana meta (with Diancie being less of a factor also indirectly playing into the rise of some of the aforementioned Tailwind setters in response to Kartana), with bulkier teams, and Tapu Fini especially, also suffering, with Kartana teams able to run them over offensively. Kartana was so influential that its effect on teambuilding could be felt even when it did not appear in the game, such as in OSDT finals. The proof is in the pudding for Kartana's influence: just look at how drastically the metagame and viability of many Pokemon changed after it was banned. To name some other relevant Pokemon not mentioned yet, Zygarde dropped off hard without Kartana, with Landorus-I rising without Kartana there to outspeed and dunk on it too; Heatran was another spread attacker which got worse with Kartana gone, with the other Fire-types of Volcanion and Incineroar also getting better again as a clear result of Kartana disappearing. Urshifu-R did play a big part as one of Kartana's primary partners, but after it was banned the real culprit should be clear, especially after considering the above. Also also, remember how prominent the Z Strats 6 was at one point being very centralising, and how widely hated the meta was before the ban and how widely it is loved now after. On top of that, Kartana is the one regular ban (not quick ban) since we've had the full(est) Pokedex, remember that it was having a massive impact when all the big guns were in the game, not in the more limited earlier formats.

4. :incineroar: Incineroar

Comparable to Rillaboom, but not quite the same level. Incineroar does a similar thing to last gen, but now has Parting Shot which makes it even better as a pivot, resulting in one of the top utility Pokemon for practically the entire generation, fitting on a variety of teams. Even Rillaboom, its new competition for a Fake Out pivot support role, can actually fit together with it on a team, leading to the complaints about Fake Out spam this gen and confirming the meme of doubles players always clicking U-turn. More importantly though, it offers slightly different utility, and fits on teams Rillaboom would not (e.g. the core of Dragon Dance Kyurem-B supported by Amoonguss + Incineroar, which then leads to say the Z Strats sample with Diancie and Celesteela), and isn't that much worse than it. Despite not as much wow factor as some of the other Pokemon's 15 minutes of fame, and being overshadowed by Rillaboom, Incineroar's consistent presence throughout the gen does warrant its place as one of the titans of the metagame.

5. :urshifu: Urshifu-S

This thing was insane, ignores Protect and has a busted STAB combination. Another short stay in DOU, but also another memorable one. Games became centred on supporting Urshifu-S as it picked up KOs each turn with little able to stop it, Togekiss and Weezing-Galar being a couple of the best ways to do so. However even they were not a complete stop, with offensive Togekiss being 2HKOed by Choice Band Wicked Blow, while still being slower than Urshifu-S. STAB Sucker Punch was a menace too, removing the thought of using faster Pokemon like Dragapult to check it. Absurd attacker that definitely earns its place as a titan. Yeah you can point to the short period it was around, but that's just because of how bonkers it was it didn't last long, and unlike say Melmetal it didn't have the benefit of Dynamax being around first to give it more time. Even with the release of DLC 2 and all the Pokemon like Tapu Fini which returned, it was still quickbanned in the very first slate.

6. :dragapult: Dragapult

Its best days may be behind it, but Dragapult's longevity and peak still find it a place at the table. Dragapult's claim to fame is from the very start of the generation with Dynamax, being one of the mechanic's biggest, if not the biggest, user. Since then it's faded more into the background, never quite being at the forefront of metagame discussion, but always being present, with peaks and troughs, etching a place onto DOU history with its unique stats and typing. Post-dynamax, its biggest effects are probably making Zeraora notable for outspeeding it, while making it (and to a lesser extent Rillaboom) want to run Knock Off to hit it as a result, and having Dragapult/Zeraora be the by far most common Tailwind benchmark. That's largely just the icing on the cake though, Dragapult's Dynamax days is the big factor here, with its longevity solidifying its place.

7. :gothitelle: Gothitelle

Never quite reached the suspect agenda for a long time, before finally being quickbanned and kept banned in a subsequent suspect during DLC 2, but Gothitelle had a strong role in the metagame before that. Fake Out took it to next level support along with Shadow Tag, elevating it to a top tier support Pokemon. Titan level support, just massively enabled anything good making it even better.

8. :urshifu: Urshifu-R

I've rated this lower than its brethren, over which it does have a longer timeframe, but Urshifu-S was undoubtedly the stronger of the two, and at its peak was more impactful. At the start of DLC 2, Urshifu-S was quickly returned to the shadow realm while Urshifu-R was struggling to find its place in the meta. Urshifu-R then rose alongside Kartana, but the latter was the one pulling the strings, which is evidenced by what happened after its ban, so Urshifu-R doesn't get to take all the credit there. Still, Urshifu-R has been fairly consistently one of the top Pokemon since then even without Kartana, while also having some time in the sun earlier as an Urshifu-S replacement during the DLC 1 metagame. I'd characterise it as closer to "a really good Pokemon that's been around a while" than a titan in comparison to its other form, which is why it's lower down on the list.

9. :kyurem-black: Kyurem-B

Consistently one of the best Pokemon throughout the DLC 2 era, at times reached the question of "should this be suspected?" but never quite garnered the support for one. Assault Vest was at one point the best Pokemon in the tier, practically always capable of trading positively into anything, and I'd consider this its most titan-like moment. Dragon Dance (and Icicle Spear) cements Kyurem-B as a threat in a different way, helping maintain its reign among the top Pokemon in DOU. Stayed at a high level better than anything left below it on the list.

10. :mew: Mew

Another Pokemon with longevity to its name, Mew is a Pokemon that's constantly existed, but hasn't reached and maintained the same heights of some other Pokemon on this list. Hazard stacking in DLC 1 is what I'd point to as its biggest moment here, helping pushing it beyond the level of any other Pokemon not on the list. In recent times its most well known as a Tailwind setter, one of the best at that, with an adaptable moveset to boot, but various sets have been used effectively as others have mentioned including jail Mew and demon Mew. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts though, and overall Mew scrapes a place on the list after combining the impact of its sets.

:amoonguss: Amoonguss - Decent but not really a titan, yes Safety Goggles is a thing, but that's largely where the argument ends.
:charizard: Charizard - Before I put my list together I did think this might go on it, Dragapult edged it out for a 'Dynamax spot' though, Charizard doesn't feel like its on the same level in terms of deserving to be a titan.
:diancie: Diancie - Good and a face of Trick Room/semiroom, did have 15 minutes of fame before Diamond Storm got fixed (which I wouldn't count), hasn't quite reached the level of being a titan at any point after though.
:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F - Supporting Psyspam is nice but definitely not enough of a thing to make the list. Of the two I'd put Necrozma first anyways.
:landorus: Landorus - Good Pokemon, reminded people to use Ground resists. Overhyped peak though, people thinking it was suspect worthy was crazy. Also was bad before Kartana ban.
:necrozma: Necrozma - One that could maybe have gotten by from the sum of the parts too, arguable over Mew. Wanting a setter hurts though, and Mew being able to do similar things to Necrozma if it really wants to also helps tip the scales for me.
:tapu-fini: Tapu Fini - Good writer for the nom, one that I thought might sneak into the bottom of my list but didn't quite. Important piece to certain team structures, but as a Pokemon not really a titan.
:togekiss: Togekiss - Good early on, but even with Dynamax it was clearly behind Dragapult/Charizard for me. With the DLCs it did see a bit of use, but that was moreso as a direct response to Urshifu-S (DLC 1) and Kartana (DLC 2) rather than being good in its own right so I'd still say it pretty much fell off, especially compared to say Dragapult.
:zeraora: Zeraora - Always been there, but can't say anything it did says 'titan' to me, just a decent Pokemon.
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